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EDFA Business Card

Category:EDFA Optical Amplifier Business Card
Code:HOO-EDFA Optical Amplifier Business Card


EDFA is an erbium-doped fiber amplification board launched by HOOOSI; its main function is to compensate the power of the signal light in the transmission link, and it can amplify the optical signals of up to 48 channels(channel interval of 100 GHZ) or 96 channels (channel interval of 50 GHZ) at C band at the same time. It has characters of flat gain, locked gain, low noise figure, etc. and it’s a indispensable important component for DWDM system, future high speed system and all-optical network long-distance transmission.


Working wavelength range

Standard type:1528nm~1561nm,Applicable to 40wavelength (100 GHZ) or 80 wavelength (50 GHZ) DWDM systems

Extension type:1528nm~1568nm,Applicable to 48 (100 GHZ) or 96wavelength (50 GHZ) DWDM systems

EDFA type

BA (power amplifier)

LA (line-amplifier)

PA (pre-amplifier)

Minimum input optical power

-32 dBm

-32 dBm

-32 dBm

Maximum output optical power




Maximum gain




Noise factor


5 dB

5 dB

Gain flatness




Occupied slot number

Occupy 1 slot, suitable for the platform of the whole OTN1000 series

Network management function

Support real time monitoring for EDFA port working state, including: optical power, optical pumping, temperature, etc

Unique technology

Support gain locking technology, transient control technology automatic shut-off technology of output optical power


Built-in (optional);network management can adjust dynamic damping range of 1.5 dB~21.5 dB

Optical interface

All interfaces are LC type

Typical power consumption

15 w


> 100000 hours

Sale service

Technical Support

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