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OLP Business Card

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Functional structure




OLP is a optical wavelength/line protection board launched by HOOOSI company. its main function is to perform a real-time monitoring on the state of the signals in the main and standby fiber core optical path. In the event that the fiber core is blocked or degraded in performance, it can implement the secure rearrangement automatically in the main and standby fiber core, so as to guarantee optical signals in the system line to recover quickly. OLP technology is to complete the routing switch operation in optical layer. The optical layer protection has the incomparable advantages over the protection of upper services, and it is the best solution to provide the user with an uninterrupted communication.


Product Model



Working wavelength range


Occupied slot number

Occupy 1 slot, suitable for the platform of the whole OTN1000 series

Switching mechanism

Selectively receipt from doubletransmission, and then single-ended rearrangement

Selectively receipt from doubletransmission, and then double-ended simultaneous rearrangement

Switching time



Insert loss


< 3.5 db

< 0.8dB


< 3.5 db

< 0.8dB


< 0.8dB

< 0.8dB


< 0.8dB

< 0.8dB

Monitoring of optical power range

-50 dBm~+ 25 dBm

Network management function

It supports the OLP optical power real-time monitoring, active switch scheduling, performance management, routing management, and other management functions

Application scenes

Used for optical line 1+1 protection, optical wavelength 1+1 protection

Optical interface

All interfaces are LC type

Typical power consumption

5 w


> 100000 hours

Sale service

Technical Support

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