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48*10G Network Packet Broker

Category:48*10G Network Packet Broker
Code:HOO-48*10G Network Packet Broker


Deal data from one network link, to one tool

Deal data from one network link, to multiple tools

Deal data from multiple network links, to one tool

Deal data from multiple network links, to multiple tools


The 10G Network Packet Broker (NPB) Devices, which are designed by HOOOSI, are used by network operators to copy Ethernet traffic from high-density link or on large-scale LAN. The Devices can get network traffic without service broken, and they are essential Devices to get network traffic for the application such as network traffic analysis and value-added business systems, mobile network signaling monitoring and content monitoring system, IDC content audit, IP network security, IP intrusion detection, IP content audit and so on.

Device specifications description



Power supply


48×SFP 10GE fiber optical port

-36 ~ -72VDC, dual power supply


48×SFP 10GE fiber optical port

100 ~ 240VAC, dual power supply

Equipment factory default IP is:


HOOOSI provides real-time, end-to-end visibility, insight and security into physical, virtual, SDN and NFV based networks, delivering the control, coverage and performance in a seamless fashion to protect and improve crucial networking, data center and cloud business assets.

HOOOSI’s network packet broker (NPB) provides a collection of monitoring tools with access to traffic from across the network. It’s a middleman for network monitoring traffic. NPBs are active “brokers”, or “dealers” of data, because they can be specific and targeted in the data that is supplied to each tool.

Typical Application



Business interface

48*10GE SFP+

Management interface



Single mode1310/1550nm or multimode850nm

Total monitoring traffic


Functional parameter

Support collected output of data in multiple terminals, and also supports simultaneous copying data from one or multiple terminals to multiple monitoring terminal output;

Support configuration of UDB filtration and data package filtration, and black list mode or white list mode is available;

Support recognition of special type of data packages of Vlan and QinQ , and is able to filter them

Supports operation such as MPLS label peeling, Vlan field peeling, replacement and addition

Support UDB, input terminal, packet information, and packet information CRC load shunting function

Support NTP time synchronization, support for DST settings and optional time zone of daylight saving time

Support a variety manner of network management, including CONSOLE, SSH command line and WEB NMS

Support online upgrade of system soft via WEB NMS

The equipment record and save all the operation log initiative, which facilitate information collection and fault location

Supports optical module single-fiber receiving or single-fiber sending

8000 quintuple filtering rules

Provide a message filter matchinginclude VLAN IDSIPDIPSPDPprotocol numberinput interface.

Optical interface can be arbitray configuration

Input power

100VAC ~ 240VAC or-36VDC ~ -72VDC dual power

Operating temperature

0 ~ +4010 ~ 95RH

Storage temperature

-40 ~ +7010 ~ 95RH

Power consumption



482.6   mmL× 440 mmW× 44 mmH

Sale service

Technical Support

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