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10G OTU(OEO) Business Card

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10G OTU(OEO) Business Card is a 4-channel 10G service access card, its main function is to finish the 3R regeneration of any 4-channel signals under any protocol within the rate of 1.25 Gbit/s~11.3 Gbit/s to be accessed, and then convert them to optical signals of a standard DWDM wavelength or standard CWDM wavelength, so that the multiplexing unit can conduct WDM for optical signals of different wavelengths and also achieve the inverse process of the above process. It’s applicable to the wavelength division transmission solution for any access of services with the rate of 10G or below.


Product Model


Basic function

It supports bidirectional transmission of 4-channel services with any rate of1.25 Gbit/s~11.3 Gbit/s

It supports unidirectional transmission of 8-channel services with any rateof 1.25 Gbit/s~11.3 Gbit/s

Access service type

GE, 10GE, STM-16/64,

FC 1G/2G/4G/8G/10G, FICON, FICON Express, ESCON

CPRI: 1.23/2.46/6, 14/9.83 Gbit/s,OTN:OTU2OTU2V

Occupied slot number

Occupy 1 slot, applicable to the platform of the whole OTN1000 series

WDM technology

Support DWDM: C Band, 100GHz or 50GHz

Support CWDM1271nm~1611nm

3R technology

Support 3R function:Re-amplifying, Retiming, Re-shaping

Network management function

Support real time monitoring for port working state, including: transmittingoptical power, receiving optical power, temperature, etc

Support setting for the working rate of ports

Support port loopback and port shutdown


It supports 8 pluggable optical port SFP/ SFP+

Typical power consumption

20 W


> 100000 hours

Sale service

Technical Support

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