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OTN1000A WDM Transmission System 1U

Category:OTN1000A WDM Transmission System 1U

Product features  

The standard 1U rack type design fully adopts the way of outlet on the front panel, provides 3 service single-board slots, 1 network management single-board integrated with service slot, 1 fan single-board slot and 2 power single-board slots, which are all pluggable

It supports the WDM for all types of service with the rate of100Mbit/s~10Gbit/s, and meet the requirements of the multiple service access

It supports CWDM and DWDM, and the board is available for both coarse wavelength and dense wavelength

It supports the access of up to 16 bidirectional 10G services or 32 unidirectional 10G services on a single equipment, and the expansion of transmission capacity is available through the equipment stack

It supports a transmission distance of 120 km for 2.5G, a transmission distance of 80 km for 10G, with the configuration of optical amplification and dispersion compensation to implement longer-distance transmission

It supports application scenes of single fiber unidirection, single fiber bidirection and dual-fiber bidirection

It supports a unified network management platform and provides a perfect performance monitoring ability in performance of network and equipment

It supports the power supply of 220V AC or -48V DC, with a 1+1 power input protection

It supports deployment in various locations such as cabinets, outdoor cabinets, desktops, hanging walls and derricks

It supports free-of-configuration installation, and the equipment is plug-and-play

It adopts green energy-saving design, with a typical configuration of 60W power consumption


The integrated C/DWDM platform of OTN1000A type optical transmission network system is mainly used in the metro area access layer network, and it can complete the function such as optical fiber saving, service multiplexing and distance extension, solve the shortage of fiber resources in the access layer network, provide clients a access solution of broadband multiple service access with low cost, multiple service access and high efficiency. OTN1000A can cooperate with other Our OTN1000A series products and implement networking according to the different requirements.


Performance Parameters

Technical Indicators

Product model


Equipment size

1U:44 (H)x442 (W)x220 mm (D)

Service slot

4 slots (network management card is  optional for one of the slots)

Transmission capacity of  Single equipment

16 * 10G bidirectional transmission

32 * 10G unidirectional transmissions


CWDM:1271nm~1611nm, DWDM:C Band, 100 GHZ or 50 GHZ

Maximum rate of Single channel

10Gbit/ s

Transmission distance

80km (without optical amplification)

Service interface type

100M~10G all kind of services, including services of STM-1/4/16/64, OC-3/12/48/192, FE, GE, 10GE, FC100/200/400/800/1200, FICON, ESCON,EPON,GPON,CPRI 1/2/3/6/7

Clock features

Support IEEE 1588 V2

Optical connector

SFP/SFP +, LC type interface

Network topology

Point to point, chain type, star type, ring type


"19"and 23" cabinets, ETSI 300mm/600mm cabinets,Wireless outdoor base station cabinet, FTTx outdoor cabinet, hanging wall, derrick

Working temperature range

- 10 ~60  (typical)

Working humidity range

5~95% no condensation

Storage temperature range


Heat dissipation

Fan cooling

Power supply mode

AC: 90~260 V or DC: -36~-72 V (support 1+1 backup power input)

Power consumption

60W (typical)

Sale service

Technical Support

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