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OTN1000B WDM Transmission Syterm 2U

Category:OTN1000B WDM Transmission Syterm 2U
Code:HOO-OTN1000B-WDM- 2U

Product features

The standard 2U rack type design fully adopts the way of outlet on the front panel, provides 7 service single-board slots, 1 network management single-board slot and service slot, 1 fan single-board slot and 2 power single-board slots, which are all pluggable.

It supports multiple services of STM-1/4/16/64 and services such as FE, GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100G, SAN, CPRI and PON and meets the requirements of the multiple service access

It supports the access of up to 32 bidirectional 10G services or 64 unidirectional 10G services on a single equipment, and the expansion of transmission capacity to 960 Gbit/s is available through the equipment stack

It supports application scenes of single fiber unidirection, single fiber bidirection and dual fiber bidirection

It supports the maximum transmission distance of 130km (36 db) for a single span and can realize long distance transmission through the relay

It supports various network protection solutions such as optical layer 1+1 channel protection or optical line side 1+1 protection, and provides multiple protection for vital equipment units and optical fiber lines, with a high reliability

It supports the power supply of 220V AC or -48V DC, with a 1+1 power input protection

It supports 19 inches and ETSI cabinet, easy to lay out, with a strong suitability

It supports free-of-configuration installation, and the equipment is plug-and-play

It supports a unified network management platform and provides a perfect performance monitoring ability in performance of network and equipment

It adopts green energy-saving design, with a typical configuration of 120W power consumption

It focuses on the metro area network and meets service access & convergence and networking


The integrated C/DWDM platform of OTN1000 type optical transmission network system is mainly used in metro area nodes,and it solves the following shortage of fiber resources below the metro area network, completes a unified load and flat networking for multiple services in industries such as operators, Broadcast and TV system, IDC, finance, government, cloud and big data. It effectively reduces the network construction cost and operation cost and provides a best solution for the metro area transmission scenes. OTN1000 can cooperate with other OTN1000 series products and implement networking according to the different requirements.


Performance Parameters

Technical indicators

Product Model


Equipment size

2U: 88 (H)x442 (W)x220(D)

Service slot

8 slots (network card is optional for one of the slots)

Transmission capacity of  Single equipment

32 wavelength* 10G bidirectional transmission

64 wavelength* 10G unidirectional transmission

4 wavelength* 10G unidirectional and bidirectional transmission



DWDM:C Band, 100 GHZ or 50 GHZ

Maximum rate of Single channel

100Gbit/ s

Transmission distance

For DWDM system, it supports the maximum transmission              distance of 130km (36 db) for a single span

For CWDM system, it supports a maximum transmission distance            of 80 km

Optical amplifier

25 db (nominal gain)

Service interface type

STM-1/4/16/64, OC-3/12/48/192, FE, GE, GE, 40 10 GE, GE,               FC100 100/200/400/200/400, FICON, ESCON, EPON                               and GPON, CPRI 1/2/3/6/7, etc

Clock features

Support the IEEE 1588 V2

Optical connector

SFP/SFP +, LC type interface

Network topology

Point to point, chain type, star type, ring type


"19"and 23" cabinets, ETSI 300mm/600mm cabinets

Wireless outdoor base station cabinet, FTTx outdoor cabinet,          hanging wall

Working temperature range

- 10 ~60  (typical)

Working humidity range

5~95% no condensation

Storage temperature range


Heat dissipation

Fan cooling

Power supply mode

AC: 90~260V or DC: -36~-72 V (support 1+1 backup power input)

Power consumption

120W (typical)

Sale service

Technical Support

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