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OTN1000C WDM Transimision Syterm 5U

Category:OTN1000C WDM Transimision Syterm 5U

Product features

Huge capacity transmission and capacity of modular upgrade

It supports 96 wavelength 10G system transmission at C band

It supports a access rate of up to 100Gbit/s for single channel

It supports a single level multiplexing/demultiplexing architecture for 80/96 wavelength, without the need of OCI to implement multiplexing/demultiplexing for 80 wavelength

It supports a system expansion for 40/48->80/96 wavelength and also a modular expansion for 10G->100G, which ensures the low investment in the early stage of the network construction and the smooth expansion in the late stage, so as to meet the future growing demand in bandwidth

Multi-rate, multi-protocol, full-service access and convergence

Access to SDH/SONET services, data services of POS, GE, 10 GE, 40 GE, 100 GE and other services of SAN, CPRI at various rate levels.

Powerful capacity of service convergence, supporting 8xFE service convergence, 8×GEservice convergence and 10×10GE service convergence

High integration, green, convenient maintenance

5U frame supports 18 service slots, with a super high level of integration

Compact structure and flexible installation, available for installation in cabinet with 300 mm depth

It supports free-of-configuration installation, and the equipment is plug-and-play

It supports a unified network management platform and provides a perfect performancemonitoring ability in performance of network and equipment

Lowest power consumption in the industry, assist operators to build green energy-saving network

Outstanding architecture design and secure data transmission

It offers a variety of network level protection and provides comprehensive protection for optical fiber line and service

It provides comprehensive equipment protection: power equipment protection, fanprotection

All-service transparent transmission reduces the transmission delay of circuit cross and ensures the reliability of transmission

All optical interfaces are pluggable and reusable, which reduces the investment of spare parts


The OTN1000 type optical transmission network system, which is mainly used in metro convergence layer and metro core layer, is a new generation of optical transmission system with high integration, high capacity and long distance launched by Our company. The equipment applies an advanced transmission technology and highly integrated technology, facing the whole IP transmission. It provides a function of wide bandwidth, high capacity and fully transparent transmission, which can realize smooth capacity upgrade, offer a comprehensive, flexible and mature protection solution and provide a stable platform for multiple service operation and future network upgrade and expansion.


Performance Parameters   

Technical indicators

Product Model


Equipment size

5U: 220 (H)x442 (W)x220 mm (D)

Service slot

18 slots for DC equipment (network card is optional for one of the slots)

16 slots for AC equipment (network card is optional for one of the slots)

Maximum wavelength number

DWDM: 96 wavelength; CWDM: 16 wavelength


DWDMC- Band, 100GHz or 50GHz


Transmission capacity of Single equipment


Supported service type


any service of 100M2.5Gbps


ESCON/FICON/FICON ExpressFC100/FC200/FC400/FC800/FC1200/SAN


Clock features

Support IEEE 1588 V2

Optical connector

SFP/SFP +, LC type interface

Network topology

Point to point, chain type, star type, ring type                                         ring-with-chain type, ring-cross type,                                                          ring-tangency type

Backup and protection

Network level protection

Client-side 1+1protection, 1+1 protection inside board,                      optical multiplex section 1+1 protection,                                                 optical line 1+1 protection

Equipment level protection

 Power supply backup

Fan backup


"19"and 23" cabinets, ETSI 300mm/600mm cabinets

Working temperature range

- 10 ~60  (typical)

Working humidity range

5~95% no condensation

Storage temperature range


Heat dissipation

Fan cooling

Power supply mode

AC: 90~260V or DC: -36~-72 V (support 1+1 backup power input)

Power consumption

300W (typical)

Sale service

Technical Support

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